Pic credit: Dundee Hindu Temple

South African Hindus to enjoy a major festival soon!

South African Hindus are taking out a traditional procession, with devotees carrying religiously decorated and blessed brass pots on heads, through the streets of Dundee in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) on July 23. This will mark the conclusion of three-day celebrations involving the offering of prayers to Hindu deities of Maha Marieammen, Draupathieammen, and Madurayveeran. Celebrations […]

Taiwan, Ramayana,National Palace Museum Southern Branch, Taibao, Rajan Zed

Taiwan: Kids learning moral values through Ramayana!

At National Palace Museum Southern Branch in Taibao, Taiwan, children can join the Ramayana battle and take on Ravana to save Goddess Sita with an interactive game device for educational purposes. Lord Hanuman is the game host and it also includes constructing the bridge over the ocean. This is done, after children finish watching animation […]

Malabar Exercise, India, USA, Japan

Exercise Malabar begins: Know the details!

The Malabar series of exercises, initiated in 1992 between the Indian and US Navies, have steadily grown in scope, complexity and participation into a multifaceted exercise with the participation of Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF). The 21st edition of the exercise, Malabar-17 will be conducted in the Bay of Bengal from 10 to 17 […]

Indian woman, racism, Georgia, Georgia interior ministry

Indian woman faces racism in Georgia, post goes viral

Following is the blog post of an Indian woman traveler and what she faced in Georgia upon her arrival. We have not edited or deleted anything from the original post: Dear Mr. Archil Dzuliashvili (Georgian Ambassador to India), I am a citizen of India, a single woman who earns her honest living working for an advertising agency. […]

Botanical garden - Danau Tamblingan, Bali, Indonesia, Balinese Hinduism, Balinese spirituality, Bali Hindu population, Parwati Agung

Basics of philosophy of Balinese Hinduism

Religion is seen as ‘ageman’ in Balinese Hinduism. Ageman means clothes or robes or manners in Balinese culture. Religion as ageman in Balinese Hinduism means religion as a code of conduct which every person will feel comfortable with according to his/her level of consciousness. Balinese Hinduism says that we cannot impose a code of conduct exclusively […]

Hindus in Spain, Spanish Hindus, Federación Hindú de España , FHE, Rajan Zed

Hindus in Spain unite to make themselves heard!

Hindus in Spain are working towards creating a united platform to work on issues that affect the roughly 50, 000 Spanish Hindus in the nation. A Federación Hindú de España (FHE) has already been formed in Spain and its Facebook page has also been developed. Juan Carlos Ramchandani (Krishna Kripa Dasa) is the President of […]

Pakistani Hindus, Mehmoodabad, Pakistan, land grabbing, eviction

Pakistani Hindus face eviction in Mehmoodabad

Pakistani Hindus have been facing harrowing time as they fight land sharks on one hand and forced conversion of their children and women on the other hand. The News International, a Pakistani newspaper, has reported that Basti Guru Bagh, Mehmoodabad, has some Hindu families living in abysmal conditions but now even this may not last […]