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Hindraf: Why impose Islamic laws on non-Muslims?

Malaysia human rights group Hindraf today questioned why Kelantan government decided to impose a 15-minute blanket ban on trading at dusk (Maghrib prayer). Kelantan is a state of Malaysia and this statement was made by a senior politician Mustapa Mohamed. The New Straits Times quoted Mustapa as saying: “The Kelantan state government is duly elected […]

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Fearing eastern mysticism, this Catholic college wants to ban Yoga

While the Benedictine College (BC), a Roman Catholic college in Atchison (Kansas), wants to abolish yoga fearing eastern mysticism; Vatican Library carries many yoga-related books, including “How to know God. The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali”. Prominent US Roman Catholic universities/colleges—University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, College of the Holy Cross, Boston College, Villanova University, Santa […]